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You Make The Difference

Bradenton, Florida 34211

941-548-MINI (6464)


"You Make The Difference! Equine Therapy Program"


The YMTD certification program was founded by The Therapy Angels in 2013, but we have been proudly training therapy horses for use in therapy work all over the country since 1997. We currently have over 200 registered Therapy Horses in our program and that number continues to increase yearly!  YMTD is a wonderful training program that strictly registers miniature horses as Therapy Animals.  Anyone that has witnessed the remarkable effect these little horses have with special kids,  patients and the elderly, have seen the amazing healing like abilities horses have as therapy animals. Horses in general have a natural built in sense to know when someone really needs that nuzzling kiss on their cheek or be given a warm hug by wrapping their hands around their soft neck.  Even as simple as just running their fingers gently through their beautiful flowing mane will bring a smile to anyone.  The love a therapy horse gives is unmeasured and their touch is truly magical in every sense.


Together we all can make a difference!



The Therapy Angels
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